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Start It Right With Beginner Golf Lessons

Having a good start is winning half of the battle. If you have a strong foundation in your golf swing, you will play well constantly on any course. You will win on your skill, not your luck! This is why you need good fundamentals from the experts, not by referring to books and videos. The very basics of the game will be thoroughly ingrained into students of every calibre. Our golf pro will guide you as you learn to play golf effectively and efficiently. Here, you will get to identify your vast potential to be a great golfer and what you can do to maintain it. You will be aided by our practice of video recording your swing during the golf lesson. We will also provide a personal analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you and your golf instructor to review your every performance with ease.

The Benefits:
You will learn the importance of necessary preparation and the basics of the golf game before you start to play golf. This will ensure proper grounding in your golf fundamentals and basic golf etiquette. Although initially aimed for those who have little or no knowledge of golf, it is also well suited for those who have some form of exposure in golf. Here at our Ultimate Golf Lessons, our golf pros are very willing to teach the students to play golf regardless of backgrounds and learning abilities.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Golf

We will ensure proper introduction to golf and the lessons syllabus, safety and equipment used and golf etiquette. Starting out, we will also cover the importance of warming up and stretching so as to prevent any injuries. Thereafter, you will learn the basics of the game, such as grip, posture and the alignment that is followed after a short swing and move on from there.

Lesson 2: Golf Swing Fundamentals

You will learn the 1/2 swing till the 3/4 swing. In addition, you will learn how you should transfer your weight in the swing.

Lesson 3: Full Swing / Video Analysis

You will learn the 3/4 swing till the full swing. You will also learn how to create a balanced stance on finishing your swing.

Lesson 4: Computerized Video Swing Analysis

This is where we will assess your swing with reference to a recorded video which is analysed by a special software so that you can easily spot your mistakes in your swing and correct them.

Lesson 5: Putting and Chipping

There will be further swing practice and from there we will move to work on your putting and chipping.

Lesson 6: Pitching and Bunker

There will be further swing practice here as well and from there we will move on to work on your pitching as well as how to get golf balls out of a bunker effectively.

Lesson 7: Introduction to Woods

There will also be swing practices here and from there we will introduce you to Woods plus the pre-shot routine.

Lesson 8: Rules and Etiquette 

You will learn to observe the proper rules and etiquettes and learn the necessary preparations to play on a golf course. Finally, you will take the Proficiency Certificate (PC) Theory Test.

Lesson 9: On Course Orientation and Management (2 Hours)

There will be a two hour 9-hole course management assessment and last of all, you will take the Proficiency Certificate (PC) Practice Test.

** Inclusive of Proficiency Certificate Test (worth S$120)

Group Lesson Rates

Package Promotion Rate (per pax)
Individual S$400
  • Course Duration: 10 Hours
  • Class Size:  4
  • Timing: Fixed timeslots to choose from
  • Inclusive of Proficiency Certificate
  • Location: Yishun OCC (1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162)



Private Lesson Rates

Package Yishun OCC Bukit Timah Bukit Batok
Individual S$1000 S$1200 S$800
2 Students S$650 S$750 S$550
3 Students S$500 S$550  S$400
4 Students S$450 S$450  S$350
  • Course duration: 7 + 3 hours
  • Class Size: Not more than 4 persons (own group)
  • Location: Choose between Yishun OCC, Bukit Timah or Bukit Batok
  • Timing: Flexible. To be discussed with Instructor.
  • Inclusive of Proficiency Certificate



Beginner Golf Lessons Package includes:

* Club Rental during actual lessons and practices
* Advanced Training Aids
* Video Analysis & Classroom Training
* Proficiency Certification (Worth $120)